Mountain Mobilization and the Hobet 20

A new episode of Direct Action Radio went up at 4:30 EDT on August 16th, 2012.

Click on the link below to listen or download. After you click on the link, click the “POD” button to listen immediately. To download, right-click on the file name (just to the right of the words “Direct download”), and then choose “Save File As…” to save to your computer or MP3 player.


Direct Action Radio is under Creative Commons. You are free to reproduce anything from the show except the music as long as you give correct attribution and the use is non-commercial. For music permission, consult the musician at the website given below.

Contact the show at: 

    or call at (206) 337-7493


   *   News and updates about activism around the world

   *   An interview with one of the organizers of the Mountain Mobilization which occupied the largest mountain top removal site in the country and shut it down, followed by 20 arrests and severe police and court retaliation

   *    Inspiration and encouragement for activists during this Summer of Solidarity

Links for this episode:

  Coal Export Action, Montana

      Coal Export Action

  England and Ecuador battle it out over Julian Assange

      CNN (sorry)

 Mountain Mobilization and the fight against mountain top removal


Ryan Clover’s music


     Order CD

Monsanto and the fight against genetic engineering

     Occupy Monsanto

Brazilian Dam Halted

Blockade of Shumberger fracking-related facility

Bryan of Katuah Earth First! interviewed on podcast

Recent and upcoming direct actions / trainings / gatherings

Fighting Industrial Wind Power

Tar sands pipeline

July 8th Anti-fracking action and shutdown in Pennsylvania

Animal Liberation Front actions

Croatan Earth First!

   Who We Are

Earth First! Journal and Newswire

You can reach Direct Action Radio at:
(206) 337-7493

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